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Complete Infrastructure Management Services.

The Complete Infrastructure Management Services platform can be customised to provide the most suitable solution for your organisational requirements. Zynet offers 24/7 support for your organisation, a support desk based locally and onsite support anywhere in Australia. You can expect some or all of the following services to be part of your selected solution.

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Below are all the proactive management services included when you begin working with us.

Infrastructure Management Inclusions.

License compliance assurance

Network and asset management

Proactive maintenance and PC care

24/7/365 systems monitoring

Comprehensive IT Management

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Cloud backup and disaster recovery

Disaster recovery

Cyber security services

Security management

Cyber Security Services

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Service request management

Tiered technical support team

Unlimited PC and server support

Priority response

Dedicated Support and Service

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Cyber security advisory

Vendor and commercial risk management

Outsourced CIO services

Quarterly business reviews

Strategic IT Consulting

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Personalised consultation

Hardware sourcing

Fixed IT expenditure

Customer portal access

Client tools and resources

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"At Least 60% of Organisations Expected to Transition to Managed Services by 2025"

Proactive IT Management

Empower your business growth with Zynet's Proactive IT Management...

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Proactive IT Management.

Zynet's Proactive IT Management, part of the Complete Infrastructure Management Solution (CIMS), focuses on business growth through secure, efficient IT management. It includes comprehensive monitoring, maintenance, and support, ensuring reliable system performance. Backed by a Service Level Agreement, it offers prioritised, proactive services and an 'always eyes on' approach for early issue detection. This cost-effective program provides access to a skilled team, ensuring consistent IT system maintenance and security.

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