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As an organisation, you sometimes need one-off professional support.

You may need one-off professional support because a staff member is unavailable, or to ensure a specific project is brought to a good outcome. Zynet is able to support your organisation by providing exactly those skills that are needed to achieve the desired results.

Backfill & Technical Support

From time to time you may require resources to provide Business as Usual (BAU) Support services to strengthen and/or extend the skills of your existing team. BAU Support Services is also a way to bridge a gap while your team members are on annual leave or have an extended absence from the office.

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Project Support

Your organisation may occasionally have IT Projects that require a specific level of skills and expertise that your existing resources or service providers may not possess.

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Migration Support

Technology platforms that exist within your organisation, such as specific “Line of Business” applications, IT equipment and hardware, often require carefully planned and implemented upgrade and migration procedures.

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