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Fax is not dead, it’s just evolving! In fact, the levels of fax usage are actually increasing in today’s need for a secure and reliable communication medium.

RightFax is a Document Delivery Platform used to receive, distribute and process incoming and outgoing electronic documents that require comprehensive auditing, tracking and delivery confirmation. RightFax includes detailed logging of all documents received and sent electronically. RightFax integrates with many platforms for ease of secure document delivery via fax.

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Key industries that use RightFax

Banking, Financial, Legal & Conveyancing, Medical & Imaging, Healthcare, Government Departments and Elite Sporting Organisations.

Key features & benefits

Key features, benefits and point of difference from other similar products

  • Secure, tracked and completely auditable ability to send and receive fax transmissions
  • Tracking of all outbound and inbound documents received via fax
  • Routing of fax using many different methods
  • Automatic save, file, distribution, processing, integration capabilities
  • Can integrate with a large number of line of business / core business software applications
  • Can produce file in a specific format to be picked up by another application for processing or delivered to an email mailbox of the intended recipient
  • Integrates with major email platforms
  • Billing and account details can be tracked and stored
  • Storage of all documents that reach an organisation
  • Archive and retention periods for documents
  • Production of delivery receipts and pages sent
  • Tracking of documents received and auditing of source and destination
  • Improve your staff productivity by setting up automation and workflows
  • Distribute your inbound faxes automatically using a variety of methods (email, file share, fax mailbox, printer, etc)
  • Meet your regulatory and industry compliance requirements through auditing and traceability into when and where your faxes have been sent / received

How RightFax can work in your organisation

  • As part of Outlook you can send and receive directly from your desktop email
  • Sends email body text and any attachments as fax transmission
  • Provides email delivery receipts back to user
  • Easy to track the success / failure of faxed documents
  • Integrated with line of business applications