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Information Exchange

Navigating your privacy and compliance obligations as an organisation can be difficult at times. The Australian Privacy Act now dictates strict compliance and adherence to the protection of information exchange. The information you exchange between other parties needs to be protected.

The risk is real when it comes to electronic transfer of information. Email as an example is the most common method of organisational communication, yet sending information via this method is not secure. Did you know that?

Email can be intercepted, end up in the wrong hands, compromise sensitive information and introduce many other privacy concerns and breaches. These breaches happen every day and it does not discriminate by organisational size. Any sized organisation can be impacted by breaches.

The transfer of confidential, sensitive or personal information requires protection from breach. If your organisation has requirements to securely and reliably send email, electronic files, faxes, important or private information then there are leading information exchange solutions available that provide the ability to seamlessly encrypt, track, audit and secure delivery of information with assurance. These solutions provide you with bank level security and encryption and exceptional auditing and tracking elements. This means your organisational, private and personal information is comprehensively protected.

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