nullGen Z has ZyNet very excited. Why? Because the most tech savvy generation ever is about to change (again) the way we do business and use IT.

You may think the world is moving fast now, but we have news; you ain’t seen nothing yet. It’s time to strap in tight – Gen Z are about to hit the hyper drive button!

Generation Z, also known as Gen M (for multi-tasking), Gen C (connected), and Net (or Internet) generation, covers those born in the early to mid 1990’s, now aged 16-22. The oldest of this group are now graduating Uni and starting their careers. By 2015 they will make up 13.2% of Australia’s population.*

The brave new world is here
Research shows Gen Z is an overall thoughtful and moral lot. However while they are empathetic to world issues, they are also cynical about being marketed to, likely to live home longer and marry later, will smoke less yet drink more, are described as ‘individualistic’, are easily distracted and will choose work in service based industries over manufacturing.*

Gen Z is the first generation where social networking, gaming for leisure and smartphone technology form a normal part of their worlds. As toddlers they learnt to surf the latest games on At Primary School, they were making PowerPoint presentations that put high level executives to shame. Now most senior high school student have iPads to give them easy access to the school intranet, their e-books, and of course, their favourite US sitcom downloads.

Gen Z wants it all on their terms and they refuse to wait. As future consumers they will be drawn to tech-savvy businesses and shun those who are not. They will reward products, services and brands that ‘get them’ with long term loyalty – but they will not give second chances if you let them down or try to con them.

Time to get App-y
Gen Z will expect and demand to be wireless and connected. If there aren’t apps for what they want to do then they will write them. They will use their Androids or iPhones for business in ways that will leave Gen Y and X open mouthed and speechless.

We are now seeing webinars on acronyms like BYOD (bring your own device) and the How to’s of SM (Social Media). In fact stats are showing that when employees are given access to social media at work, they feel happier and more productive.

We believe as Gen Z matures and accumulates the wealth made possible from living at home longer, they will realise how powerful they actually are. As Gen Z reach full power, as managers and employers themselves, they will demand that everyone else get with the picture. This is going to be a formidable and impactful generation.

At ZyNet we are preparing by being at the forefront of Smart App technologies for B2B and B2C. This is an exciting frontier and our early adopter clients are reaping the benefits a thousand fold.

What steps are you taking in your business? How will you prepare for Gen Z?

*Source: Herald Sun